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Prevention, anticipation and mitigation of tick-borne disease risk applying the DAMA protocol (PRAGMATICK)

2nd CALL for Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs)

01.11.2023. – 31.10.2024.

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are exchange visits aimed at supporting individual mobility, strengthening existing networks and fostering new collaborations between COST Action Participants. STSM grants do not necessarily cover all expenses related to undertaking a given mission, it is a contribution to the overall travel, accommodation, and meal expenses of the gran

Short-Term Scientific Missions benefit to:

  • STSM Grantee: receives funding for implementing a project related to the PRAGMATICK Action with an international team and gains new knowledge or access to equipment or techniques not available in the home institution;
  • STSM Host: receives an international partner in their institution and can develop long lasting collaboration.

This call will be open for continuous applications during the entire 2nd Grant Period as long as there is budget available.

  • Up to a maximum of EUR 4 000 in total can be afforded to each successful STSM applicant.
  • The duration of the visit can vary from 5 to 90 days.
  • This call is open to all PRAGMATICK participants from participating COST countries.
  • The STSM has to be carried out in agreement with at least one of the working group tasks and the PRAGMATICK Action goals.
  • The grant is paid after the STSM has been completed and the scientific report approved, however, the Grant Holder can approve a pre-payment of up to 50% of the grant for an STSM.
  • All applicants will be asked to give a presentation from their results after the end of the STSM

To successfully submit the application, the applicant should follow the grant awarding user guide by the following link:

and upload the supporting documents:

  • STSM grant Application (based on the e-COST Grant application template on page 3 in the user guide)
  • A written agreement with the Host institution
  • A motivation letter
  • CV of the applicant
  • Financial data plan (amount for travel, subsistence etc.)

Attached file

1st CALL for Short-Term Scientific Missions