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  • Identification of risk factors for tick and tick-borne pathogen (tick-borne pathogen) presence and introduction in cities and habitat interfaces and comparison of the epidemiological situation in different cities and countries through application of the DAMA protocol
  • Involvement of citizen scientists into the documentation, monitoring and act phase
  • Foster knowledge exchange by organising networking events such as meetings, web conferences for researchers, students, relevant stakeholders and policymakers
  • Collaboration with hunters and ornithologists for data and sample collection, in line with the Birds Directive
  • Develop a media strategy, including social media, press releases and media coverage, in order to improve the public knowledge about the health risks of ticks and tick-borne pathogens identified in connection with anthropogenic influence and climate change and about the DAMA protocol



Tick and Tick-Borne Pathogen Conference (TTP11) in Havana, Cuba

The PRAGMATICK COST action offers  a conference grant in the amount of 1400 EUR to support one young researcher to attend TTP11 (Tick and Tick-Borne Pathogen Conference ) in Havana, Cuba (1st – 6th, September 2024): Application conditions: Proof of registration and abstract submission The PRAGMATICK core team will evaluate the content of the abstract […]


It is a pleasure to inform you, that the seminar series continue. the next date: Monday, December 4, 13-14h Speakers: 1. Klaus Haslinger: Climate Data 2. Werner Tischhauser: The Swiss Tick Prevention App The Zoom link will be uploaded later.

PhD position: Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Disease Vectors

PhD position: Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Disease Vectors National Institute for Public Health and the Environment Place of position: Bilthoven, the Netherlands Duration of contract: 48 months Hours per week: 36 Entry level: Master / doctoral Job description: Are you ready to unravel the intricate dynamics of ticks and mosquitoes, contributing to groundbreaking research at RIVM? […]

Tenure Track Faculty Position – Lyme and Tickborne Diseases Research and Education Faculty

Johns Hopkins University: Bloomberg School of Public Health: W. Harry Feinstone Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology Location: Baltimore, MD, 21205 Open Date: Oct 15, 2023 Description The recently established Lyme and Tickborne Diseases Research and Education Institute (LTBDI) in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public […]

Book: An Evolutionary Pathway for Coping with Emerging Infectious Disease

A new book called “An Evolutionary Pathway for Coping with Emerging Infectious Disease” has been published with the contribution of the PRAGMATICK participants. Download for free at the following link: An Evolutionary Pathway for Coping with Emerging Infectious Disease  

PRAGMATICK Workshop in České Budějovice

PRAGMATICK Workshop in Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic) 18 October 2023 The meeting will include: Core group meeting with participation of the WG leaders, co-leaders, Science Communication Coordinator, Grant Awarding Coordinator, co-chair and chair WG1-related talks and discussion about various research methods e.g. development of chips for pathogen detection, microscopic tools in tick research, laboratory tick […]

PRAGMATICK on-line Seminar

PRAGMATICK on-line Seminar on Monday, 2 October, 13-14h (CEST) Speakers: Maja Cvek – Teaching Institute for Public Health of the country Istria, Croatia Using GIS for studying ticks and TBD: parameters needed for modeling and risk assessment Pavel Švec – VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech republic Possibilities of using GIS and GIT in the field […]

Training School on Vector Microbiome

We’re thrilled to announce the successful PRAGMATICK Training School on Vector Microbiome, organized by the NeuroPatick lab in Maisons Alfort on July 26th and 27th. With 20 participants from 14 countries, it was an inspiring international gathering that fostered knowledge exchange and networking among vector microbiome researchers. The event set high standards, serving as a […]

1st Call for Short-Term Scientific Missions

The 1st Call for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) in the COST Action PRAGMATICK is now open.

Training school on vector microbiome

The first training school of the PRAGMATICK action will be held between 26.-27. June 2023 in Maisons-Alfort, France.

PRAGMATICK Workshop videos

Lectures of the first PRAGMATICK Workshop available on video footage.


The first meeting of the PRAGMATICK action took place in Budapest, Hungary between 16-17. February 2023. The event is focused on Stockholm Paradigm, DAMA Protocol and citizen science.

Tickwatcher in English

The website of the hungarian Tickwatcher program can now be read in English. The purpose of the project is to map the distribution of Hyalomma ticks with the help of citizen scientists.


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